Welcome to the Merry Network!

The Merry Network is a family of unique holiday-themed websites.

We began in 1991 with a humble publication first available only by fax. That simple publication was designed to teach the goodness of Santa Claus to one little girl. That effort has blossomed over the years into a bustling network of holiday publications.

Our mission is to provide the most compelling holiday content available anywhere. We reach consumers of holiday products and services through our growing family of targeted, holiday-specific websites.

These G-rated venues are supported through sponsorships, unique product offerings, service subscriptions, advertising and content partnerships. We actively seek new opportunities to expand our network and revenue opportunities.

This website administers the backend of our online operations. Here we conduct business with other webmasters, writers, designers, programmers, advertisers, publishers and other parties interested in connecting with our site audiences.

At Merry Network we understand the challenges and rewards of the small business operator and new web publishers. We are constantly searching for new ways to expand the merry messages of our sites and are actively seeking partners with similar interests.

We welcome your visit to the business side of our merry pages and look forward to your input.